The Brief Imagination of Young People for the Future.

My first story in the Medium is nothing more than an in-depth reflection about the next generation. Technology, social relations and themes that generate in people feelings of revolution and evolution are some of the situations that revolve around the new generation of youth. Small, but still with a virtual brain in their hands, waiting for the opportunity to research and discover more about what adults don’t talk about, young people in general are moved by an absurd power of information and technological relationship, compared to what it was before. For such reasons, these relationships have become stronger and stronger, young people representing the environment on the stages, as well as young people moving small sticks in politics with participation in events worthy of a revolutionary film.

But what are you really looking for? What really moves this young force we witnessed at the beginning of the third industrial revolution, with the creation of sophisticated cell phones and means of relationship with other young people around the world? Well, maybe they want to change the form of justice, they use social networks as a court. The culture of cancellation is spreading more and more each day. Everyone shares links and publishes articles and more on certain subjects, thus becoming a “collective judgment”. But to what extent is this allowed?

And while the vision of the future? Everyone grows one day. They begin to learn from an early age how the world and society think about it, presenting only the stage, but never what they really have behind the curtains, not least because it would be something too brutal to face from an early age. Thoughts change, and young people also need to learn to change gradually. They know that the rules also apply to everyone, including them. Adults say they want: doctors, lawyers, judges and administrators. Young people seek more to be writers, actors, teachers, political representatives, and much more than the determined standard.

The past generation may not have transferred the great impact of things to the present generation. But they remain strong, young people of all ages. And they prove that they are far more promising in all professional branches. Even if they don’t present evidence that they’re online for such political and professional matters, they’re there, in the anonymous browsers, waiting for the opportunity to stand up and demonstrate how important they are to the next generations. These are their imaginations for the future.

Brasileiro, escritor iniciante e voluntário para a missão de melhorar o mundo, não com ódio, mas com palavras.